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I am the psychologist and psychotherapist Ana Lúcia Senise and I believe, above all, in the great human potential and in the importance of authenticity.

All people have a potential for fulfillment and personal development, but sometimes, due to different circumstances and difficulties, they find themselves in a situation of anguish, which does not allow them to live to the fullest.

I seek to work with my clients in a way that is safe and free of prejudice and judgement, providing a space where they can authentically express themselves and deeply explore the nature of their relationships, stories and experiences, thus leading to greater self-knowledge and empowerment to make the best decisions according to their OWN truth.

My mission is for my clients to become independent artists and creators of themselves.

am currently conducting online and in-person consultations for psychology and psychoanalytic psychotherapy

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"It is difficult to choose the paths that will bring happiness, after all, to do so requires a balance of reason and emotion. We cannot choose what we want, but we can choose what we do, so that freedom and the resulting happiness would come not from doing what one wants, but from wanting what one does."


Dr. Ana Lúcia Senise                                                                                                       



Emotional Regulation

"To listen to Reason or Emotion? This question has been debated for centuries in the quest to understand the key to human conflicts. However, the answer to it is nothing more than overcoming this polarization: reason and emotion must work together."

Emotions in Normative  and Dysfunctional Passion

"..But since passion is an overwhelming phenomenon, what would distinguish normal passion from pathological passion?..."

´The more I lose myself, the more I find myself in the other.´ But what if someone has never found themselves? "


"We live in a unique moment in history where it has never been so challenging to make choices and build one's own identity. Who am I, who do I want to be? The answer to these questions is demanding, as faced with an abundance of possibilities in ways of being, working, and loving, it becomes necessary to choose and take responsibility for the consequences in one's own life."

Attachment Styles

"Attachment is a deep and enduring emotional connection that binds one person to another across time and space, constituting a basic, innate primary need of the human being... The child's first relationship with the parents will provide the model upon which other relationships will be based, serving as a "filter" for the perception of oneself, others, and the world. This attachment system organizes and consolidates itself throughout early childhood, although it can be altered by new relational experiences."

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