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About me

Dr. Ana Lúcia Senise


Psychology at the University of São Paulo (USP) - transfer and completion of the course at the Catholic University of Lisbon (UCP)

conclusion with honorable mention of best licensee

Master in Clinical and Health Psychology at the Portuguese Catholic University of Lisbon

conclusion with excellence


Dissertation Theme: Music, Emotional Regulation, Self-Destructive Behaviors and Suicidal Ideation in Young Adults

Training: Rleational Psychoanalysis at PsiRelacional Association.



Member of the Order of Portuguese Psychologists: 26898

Member of the Order of Portuguese Psychologists
Member of the Association of Relational Psychoanalysis


In my path as a psychologist, I gained experience in the clinical, hospital, educational and psychossocial contexts, having already carried out individual work with children, adolescents, adults and seniors. I also worked in multidisciplinary teams, involving different professionals and, in some cases, the families of my clients, in order of providing them with a comprehensive and integrated service. I believe in a holistic work, understanding the  biopsychosocial complexity and the unique needs of each individual in their personal context. Concerning  psychotherapy, I identify with relational psychoanalysis, an approach which primarily values the quality of the relationship between psychotherapist and client, as well as the richness of the intersubjective exchanges between them. Although the psychotherapist masters certain knowledge and techniques, it is in the relationship that the therapeutic process is discovered and developed, each one contributing with their knowledge, experiences, references and influences from their sociocultural contexts.

Professional Experience

Social Psychology

Psychosocial Intervention for the Right to Education and Health in the Community of Heliópolis, São Paulo - Brazil


Educational Psychology

Educational and psychological support for young students - multidisciplinary team at the Lapa Psychosocial Care Center, São Paulo - Brazil

(08/2014- 12/2015)

Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy

Phenomenological-Existential Psychotherapy at the Centro Escola of the Institute of Psychology at the University of São Paulo - Brazil

(02/2015- 07/2015)

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy at the Centro Escola of the Institute of Psychology at the University of São Paulo - Brazil


Psychotherapy at the Autonomous Psychiatry Unit of the Hospital de Vila Franca de Xira - Lisbon, Portugal


Private Psychotherapy Consultations - autonomously (since 09/2022), by the company Mindfirst (11/2022) and by Clínica Psikika, Lisbon (11/2022)

Psychological Assessment

Psychological Assessment (cognitive, emotional and personality assessments).

WISC, WAIS, TAT, CAT, Rorschach, Goodenoug Test, House-Tree-Person, MMPI, etc.

Training and Practice (08/2013-12/2015; 10/2019-07/2020)

Developmental Psychology and Parenting Counseling

Parental Monitoring and Intervention in Early Childhood

Caminhos da Infância Association, Lisbon - Portugal


Professional Training



Psychological Intervention in Grief

Psychological Assessment and Intervention with Children and Adolescents


Psychological Intervention with LGBTQ People

European Certificate in Psychology - Model of Competences - 16th edition


Interprofessional Communication and Information Sharing

Psychological Intervention in Problems Related to Alcohol

Training in Domestic Violence: the Role of Psychology

Training in Psychological Intervention with Older Adults 

Projects and Publications

A constructivist education in the name of gender equality (2020),  2nd Iberian Congress on Resilience and Well-Being.

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